1 - Preparations

The following are some notes for preparations to use this app:

1. The app can care for your children or monitor your employees. You must have permission to install the app on their device(s). When you install the app, you agree to our terms and conditions.

Some product will declined and automatically removed the app from the target device as well as suspended the account if the parent (users) do not agree the terms and conditions by email or by direcly on cPanel site.

Of course, when signing the account up, the parant have checked the button to agree that the have read and accept the terms and conditions, but some time the the product creator (company) would like to make sure all are legal.

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2. (Optional) To test or get familiar with instructions and the process, you can install the app on your device to test first.

Some product allow each account has a maximum of 03 devices attached. It depends the package the parent choose (maybe for transportation company it allows 50 to 100 devices for each account.

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