2 - Installation

The following are some notes for your installation of the app:

I. Pre-Installation


1. You'll need to install the app on the target device.

Please see what the target device Target device, and target userTarget userare.

For some purposes, it is called a secondary device and children.

That means you must install it on the devices you want to track.

2. It requires a physical installation on the device, which takes only 5 minutes to complete.

Some products are designed to track someone introduced and allow them to install them remotely (without touching the target device). In this case, the target device is a victim - and this action is illegal. This knowledge-based site is about legal actions and does not discuss installation remotely. The techniques for this installation (remotely) may exist, but we do not care about this. Installing on your children is legal, and the parent must let the target users know about this.

3. The app is compatible with Android only. It does not work on iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Please visit the FAQs session. We show all Android devices and brands of app support so far.


Please check the Package & Feature session to determine what features you need. Some features require rooting your child's device. The app works well with 70% of features without rooting, but some unique features, such as WhatsApp and Phone Call Recording (Android version > 10), require a rooted phone.

So please think about what features you need to ensure you root the target device (your child's devices). But do not worry; most people are happy to track their child's device without rooting (with a complex process to root a phone).

II. Post-Installation

Clean Download history

(Optional) You should clean the download history (with an APK file in Your Child's device's Download History). How to clean download history

Clean Browser History

(Optional) You need clean Browser History when you visit the site. How to clear the history of the browser (Chrome)

Hide Icon

Usually, it is best to hide the app icon after installation. This prevents the app from being removed from your child.

Some products do not allow you to hide the icon of app because they would like to make sure that you use the app legally and always want the target user know about the installation.

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