3 - View the data

After installing the target app on the target device (your son's device, for example), the data log, including SMS, GPS location, and Call History, will be sent to the secret server.

You have 2 options to view these data.

View data with the cPanel

Usually, the cPanel in this format is https://mytheproduct.com or https://cPanel.theproduct.com if you are a single user (private). However, it depends on what you customize with the company.

For example, if you are a reseller or a company, it should be https://cpanel.yourcompany.com.

View data with the Viewer App

Some products in the market have two versions: one for installing on the target device (your son's device) and one for installing on your device (you, as a parent). The app installed on the target device is the target app. The app installed on your device (iOS, Android) is a viewer app. You can view the above data using this viewer app.

Installing the Viewer App on YOUR device is much easier than installing the Target app on your son's device.

Some product do not have Viewer App. They do not separate into 2 apps (target app and viewer app). They have a merged app only. When this app is installed on the parent 's device, it named as primary device. If this app is installed on the children 's device, it names as secondary device.

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Please remember that you have some trial days since you signed up for an account with cPanel or the target device. After two trial days, you should buy a license to continue viewing data.

Some app lets you 2 to 7 days for trial and then you can require more by sending email to them.

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