What & Why PCA?

What is a parental control application?

It is an application installed on Android and iOS devices (iPhone/iPad).

It can keep your family, and personal information safe.

Once installed, the app silently controls smartphones, including tablets — letting you track all its communications and activities from any computer with a web browser. In addition, some products have their viewer app - this app will be installed on YOUR devices.

So, the smartphone where the application will be installed: Is the target device. So, that means it is your child's phone.

Why is "Parental Control App"?

We are resellers for many products/apps on the internet. One of these types is the parental control software.

Because we do not want to show its name (brand) temporarily, we named it the Parental Control App.

In this forum, we use PCA as a Parental Control App

PCA = parental control software (application).

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