This phone monitoring software provides more than 15 monitoring features. It is an all-in-one monitoring software that can be used for monitoring any smartphone.

Most monitoring software in the market supports the following features in an Android platform as follows.

0. Added-on and must-have features

Invisible with show and hide icons

The best part of using this software is that it is invisible. This app is compatible with Android devices as well as devices working on iOS. You can enjoy more than 15 exclusive monitoring features with this app. All these features will function in the background in invisible mode.

100% undetectable.

The software works in stealth mode so that no one can discover it.

Auto Upgrade & Updates

Upgrade & update automatically with the new version.

1. GPS History

History of GPS locations

You can view the history of locations based on what dates you want.

Real-time location tracking

When it comes to monitoring features, GPS Tracker cannot be left behind. With this app, you can get a real-time GPS location. And not just that, you will be able to view the site on Google Maps, which will help you get accurate details about the address. You will get features like address, date, time, longitude & latitude. You will also be able to check the previous locations. This way, you can check if your kids are really at school or hanging around.


When the target device uses Location Service (GPS), it will show an icon on the top of the screen. To prevent the end-user from knowing about it, the app will show this icon (indicator).

Hide Location Service Indicator

When the target device uses Location Service (GPS), it will show an icon on the top of the screen. To prevent the end-user from knowing about it, the app will show this icon (indicator).

2. SMS

View sent/received messages.

SMS monitoring features help you to keep a tab on all the text messages exchanged from a phone. You can check all the sent as well as received messages. All the messages will be available with date & time stamps. You can even check the media that is exchanged on SMS.

View deleted messages

The software has the ability to read messages that were removed/deleted. For example, when your son receives a message from his friend, He immediately deletes it. the app will catch this event but also send this message to the server so that you can view that message on your cPanel site.

3. Phone Call

Call History

You can view all incoming and outgoing calls and access the information about a caller from the address book with timestamps, call duration, and chronology.

monitoring Call

A monitoring Call feature is the core feature of this app. With a monitoring call, you can track call logs on the phone. You can check details about all the incoming and outgoing calls, along with missed calls. Moreover, you will get detailed information about each call duration, call time, contact information, etc. You can set alerts to receive a notification if a call from a specific number is made.

Phone Call Recording

Call recording features help you to record all the calls on a phone. Every call made from a phone or received on the phone will be duly registered with this feature. Then, when you donโ€™t have time to listen to live recordings, you can save the recorded call and listen to it later.

4. Contact

You can get all the contact information from the address book. With this feature, you can open the address book on a phone and check all the contact details. For example, you can check the name, number, address, email id, and contact photo saved in the phone book.

5. Browser History

You can also track the browsing history of the phone. Moreover, you will get details of all the visited sites from the phone browser. You can check the visited site's name and the date and time. In addition, you can track internet usage and time spent on each site.

6. Ambient Voice Recording

With this feature, you can record the surrounding voices. You can set a timer to record the sounds at a particular time. It will help remotely switch on the microphone and record all the conversations and sounds around the phone. You can then listen to these recordings.

7. Multimedia Files

Pictures & Video

You can check all the multimedia files shared on the phone. Moreover, you can open the gallery and check all the images and videos stored inside the phone. You can also check the screenshots and download the media.

8. Social Networking Apps


Supervise iMessage conversations to learn what your children are chatting about. Protect your kids from interaction with cyberbullies, online predators, or any other unwanted individuals. Stay on top of your childโ€™s online safety with PCA.


WhaPCApp messages (chat)

You can monitor the WhaPCApp installed on the phone. All the activities will be tracked and uploaded to the dashboard. To track WhaPCApp calls and chats with this feature. You can also check all the previous conversations.


With this feature, you can track all the activities of the Snapchat app on your phone. You can follow all the messages and media exchanges. All the data is available with date, time, and profile information. You can open each message and read the content as well.


Facebook monitoring feature helps you to track your activities on Facebook. You can check all the private message exchanges using this platform. You can check the content of each message along with profile information and date & time stamps.


With Viber monitoring, you can track all the messages sent and received on the Viber app. You can check every message content along with the date and time. You can even follow the call logs on Viber.


With Skype monitoring, you can track all Skype activities. You can check all the voice and video call logs on Skype. All the information will be available with the date and time. In addition, you can check the message sent from Skype along with contact information.

9. Control Apps and Programs


Apps Installed

With this feature, you can track all the apps installed inside a phone. You can get the usage details of the app. Moreover, you can also check which apps are installed and installed from the phone, along with the app's date, time, and name. You can even block specific apps on the phone by using the remote control.

Apps Blocking

You can prevent your child from installing and using unnecessary applications with PCA. Our software allows you to block access to apps that may contain inappropriate content or promote harmful behavior to youth.


Hidden Keylogger

A Keylogger is a significant feature. With this feature, you can record all the keystrokes made on the phone. All these keystrokes are recorded so that you can check what the individual is typing. You can even track passwords by using this feature of the app.

Screen Recorder

Capture their conversations in their favorite chat apps with the screen recorder that does the legwork for you.

Remote Control

Additional Device Info

In addition to monitoring all activities on your childโ€™s phone, PCA gives you access to other important details on the monitored smartphone or tablet. You can find out if the battery is dead on your childโ€™s phone or whether it is connected to the Internet.

SIM Notification

The target user can change the SIM card to a new one. The change will be notified to parents or employers.

Remote SMS Commands

You can define your monitoring phone number(it usually is YOUR phone number) to remotely control the target app by sending SMS messages.

User Control Pane (cPanel) & Viewer app

100. Secure and personal use

Backup Phone Data

Backup And Delete All Sensitive Data

Wipe Phone Data

and more...

Free User Control Panel website (cPanel)

You can use a website for the user control panel to view all activities sent from the target device.

Free Viewer app on the smartphone

It is an option for viewing the data instead of using the cPanel. This is an application that will be installed on YOUR phone for more convenience.

Multidevice for each account

Each account can attach/link a maximum number of 3 devices.

Money-Back Guarantee 05 Days

Depend on some resellers of the PCA, but it usually has the policy to refund money after 03 to 05 days for any reason. Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions.


These are the 15+ mobile monitoring features of the app. All these features work in stealth mode, so you wonโ€™t get caught while monitoring.

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