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cPanel = User Control Website. Sometimes, we use CPanel.

When you install the target app on the target device (your child's phone), the tracked data - all data read from the target device - will be sent to the secret server immediately. You need to view the track data by visiting a website - it is a user control panel - with your username and password.

Usually, the user control panel site (cPanel) is public. However, sometimes, it is hidden, secreted, and privateโ€”with a particular domain/subdomainโ€”so that you will be notified when you activate a license.

You must open an internet browser such as Chrome or Firefox on a computer or a smartphone (your smartphone) to visit the cPanel. There is another way to view the tracked data: a Viewer app will be installed on YOUR device (available on iOS and Android). Please remember that it is optional.

Secure/Secrete/InPrivate/Incognito mode:

Usually, the cPanel website is


However, some customers want to customize this user control panel's site so that the end-users can use a private/secure URL. Therefore, please check your email box with a welcome letter/email that shows your username, password, and URL (customized and secret user control panel site).

For full features, you should use the cPanel. Here is an example format of cPanel: if you manage all staff and deal with us to have your own brand.

Don't hesitate to contact us using the contact form if you want a private/own cPanel for your company or family.

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